Tri-Nexus Social Capital Services was founded in May 2017 as a non-profit organisation in South Africa. (Registration number 2017/203587/08)

Problem Statement

Scharmer of MIT (US) and the International Presencing Institute (2013) provide a very useful description of the crisis of disconnection that we are experiencing in our modern global societyThey identify three core disconnections: 1. our disconnect with the planetary ecological system we live in (Eco Divide), 2. our disconnection from each other (Social Divide), and 3. our disconnection from ourselves – our current self and our highest potential (Spiritual Divide) (see figure below). READ MORE

Investments in Social Capital

Most attempts to address social and environmental challenges focus on increasing natural, physical, financial and human capital. So we invest in skills training, infrastructure, land, machinery, technology, pollution clean ups and environmental restoration.  We rarely invest in developing our own ability to connect and communicate and collaborate – our social capital – relational capital. READ MORE […]

Tri-Nexus Vision:

All over the world, people and their organisations are evolving and consciously relating to themselves, one another and the whole in affirming ways that meet their universal needs.

Tri- Nexus Mission:

Empowering individuals, groups and organisations to relate to themselves, others and the whole in conscious, compassionate and mutually supportive ways. To develop our conscious and considerate relational capacity (social capital).

Tri-Nexus Approach:

Tri Nexus SCB believes that the key to achieving this vision is to develop peoples’/organisations’ conscious and considerate relational capacity.  This is essentially a social empowerment process with self-empowerment at its core. * Self-empowerment in its simplest form is a process of people. READ MORE[…]

Tri-Nexus’ Social Empowerment work involves:

For Tri-Nexus this social empowerment process involves working together to:

  1. connect with ourselves and our context (others and the whole) to fully understand ourselves and ou situation, including our needs, feelings and relationships,
  2. gradually gain mastery over ourselves and our lives, through consciousness and practice
  3. develop the ability to have healthy relationships that meet our needs,
  4. progress from dependent (and helpless victims – powerlessness), to independent, to inter-dependent relationships
  5. advance towards our highest potential.

Services offered:

Tri-Nexus is exploring different ways to facilitate connection and the building of social capital.   There are many different ways in which this could be done. We have chosen to start with  two projects .

1. Using art and story-telling to facilitate transformation through remembering, recognizing, reflecting and sharing personal stories.

2. Developing our capacity to speak and communicate in non-violent/ compassionate ways that facilitate understanding and connection.